Mallika Dutt

Mallika Dutt is founder, president, and CEO of Breakthrough and a leading innovator in human rights, multimedia, and culture change. She shares her cutting-edge approach to transformation through speaking, writing, commentary and game-changing multimedia campaigns. learn more


Keynote at the European Forum in Alpbach, Austria.

Posted August 26th, 2014

Mallika was recently invited to speak at the opening keynote for the European Forum. Drawing from Martin Luther King Jr., her keynote touched on power, love, and Bell Bajao….

Mallika interviewed by CCTV America on VAW in India

Posted July 9th, 2014

“At the end of the day – it’s the norms, cultural norms that lead men and women to believe that it’s okay for men to treat women in this way. And so culture change and really getting into a prevention approach and asking men to step up as leaders to …

Mallika’s Op-Ed Piece on TIME Online

Posted June 16th, 2014

We need to ask: “Boys will be boys”–at what cost? Boys are not robotic rapists, any more than girls are ornaments and objects for their aggressions. Let’s stop saying that half the human race is inherently aggressive, predatory and incapable of transformation.

Read Mallika’s opinion piece here….

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